Staying Friends

Moving From A Love Relationship To A Platonic One


The world is constantly changing, which means that the way that we all look at relationships will often change right along with it. There can be a lot of complicated feelings that can come about when you become close with someone, especially where the lines get a little bit blurry in terms of love and friendship. If you start off in a romantic relationship with someone and the two of you find out that you may be better off as friends, it may be a bit of a learning curve to find just the right balance.


Friends Not Lovers


After all, if the two of you were a couple and you were intimate with one another at one point, there can be some mixed emotions as you move forward as friends. The sad reality is that there are a lot of couples that simply cannot move past the love relationship into a platonic one. If there were underlying circumstances that were a bit volatile when the love relationship ended, it can leave a bad feeling between both parties.


However, when a relationship ends on good terms, it opens up the doors for a quality platonic relationship. You want to treat a platonic relationship the same way that you would of any other friend that you have. Just be sure that you stay away from flirting or mixing up any signals that could make for an awkward situation. If the two of you want to move on from a love relationship into a platonic relationship, it will be in the best interest of both parties to lay down some ground rules.


All relationships are a journey. If you want to be able to make yours work as a platonic relationship with someone you had a deeper and more intimate connection with, it can work as long as you put the effort in.

Love Expectations

Be Realistic In Your Expectations Of Love

Fairytale Love


There is something very intriguing and romantic about the relationships that we see in movies or even with some of the couples that we interact with in real life. However, you need to remember that every couple is different and nobody is perfect, even if it seems that way on the surface. With fairy tale romances it can be easy to come up with unrealistic relationship expectations. You need to be careful when setting the bar too high as we are only humans and you have to have realistic ideas about what your relationship can and should be. You also need to be aware of fantasy versus reality in romantic relationships.


The first thing that you need to always remember is that your partner is not a superhero and everyone is going to make mistakes. Even if he or she pulled out all of the stops in the beginning of your relationship, there will come a time where it naturally dies down a little bit. This is not to say that the spark should completely die out, but people do have their faults and life can become busy at times. It is completely natural for the gifts and special treatment to take a back seat to life from time to time.


Couple ConversationsOne of the best ways that you can keep the expectations real is simply communicating well with one another. You want to be able to understand your partner so that you can know him/her as well as possible. Know what they are capable of and understand at the same time what they expect from you. It is this common understanding that will help the two of you as a couple to keep things as real as possible. Communication is a common factor that every couple needs to remain strong.


Always separate romance from reality. There is always a place for romance in relationships you just have to find a balance where you can keep the romance alive while still taking care of business in every other aspect of your life. Whether you have been together for one year or ten, there are different ways that you can always do, to show one another just how much you care. Having high and often unrealistic expectations from any relationship can lead to disappointment. Keeping your eyes open and understanding what each party truly needs will be the best way to make and keep your relationship strong.

Use Telephone Chat Rooms For Romance

Find Your Soul Mate On The Phone

Find Love On The PhoneDespite the gargantuan tidal wave of online dating sites, telephone dating has refused to be washed away into oblivion. In fact, it stacks up favourably as one of easiest way to find love. Many people appreciate the kind of dating services that offer telephone alternatives, especially shy people. Contemporary and traditional dating methods can be difficult for some people so, they opt for easy phone chat. There are several benefits that come with adult telephone chat. Some of these benefits even beat online services hands down. Here are some of the reasons why:



Telephone dating makes finding love easier due to its unrivaled convenience. It gives people an excellent opportunity to find romance even without stepping out of their homes. With such convenience, it is easy to say that phone dating is a realistic approach for shy people who are then able to find love easily and quickly.

Meeting a potential partner face to face might be nervously intimidating for some people. This can lead to awkwardness in their conversations. However, thanks to telephone chat rooms, one is able to express himself/herself freely and effectively because you are not overly self-conscious. You are in your own home and relaxed.


More Intimacy

Unlike texting, which is rife on online dating, telephone chat comes with more intimacy. The intimacy of the voice creates an ideal way to connect with a potential partner, even though you are not in the same room. The type of connection that comes with the intimacy of the voice, cultivates a feeling of closeness between two people. When the feeling of closeness starts taking shape, people tend to be more open and are able to communicate freely.


Builds Confidence

Confidence and finding love go hand in hand. The proverbial adage ‘faint heart never won fair lady’ can attest that confidence plays a significant role in finding love. Fortunately, dating on the phone can help you build confidence. This is because it gives people an opportunity to know each other even before they meet. As people talk over the phone, the closeness and intimacy they share makes it easier for them to become more comfortable with each other. When you become comfortable with a potential partner via phone chat services, you become more confident with yourself and the other person. All this culminates in making it plain sailing to find love.

Sharing In Love

Selflessness Over Selfishness In Your Relationships

Selfless Love

Did you know that selflessness is quite often overlooked as a major factor in happiness? Many people simply do not realise the importance of true selflessness when it comes to friendships, relationships, and marriages. However, this is the key to overall fulfillment and happiness in life. The more that you work on being selfless, the more reward you will start to see on a daily basis.

There seems to be a blurred line between being selfless and being selfish. Some people feel as though it is selfish to live life pursuing happiness, when in reality it is a matter of finding the right balance. You can live your life with a number of purposes. For many parents, they focus on their children and give of themselves selflessly to make sure that their kids have everything they need to grow and thrive. In the end, this is what gives the parent true happiness, when they see their child doing so well throughout life.

When you are involved in a meaningful relationship with a partner, you need to be able to give of yourself selflessly. Being selfish in a relationship is never going to bring good results. When the two of you are able to come together as a unit where you give to one another, there becomes a cohesive bond that the two of you can use to grow and thrive together. The most successful ‘power couples’ that you see today have found that perfect balance of giving selflessly to make their relationship work.

In your quest to find a good relationship, with a partner that you may want to spend the rest of your life with, you need to be able to give selflessly. Finding the right person to give you the same in return complete the relationship.

Toxic Love

How To Change The Toxic Habits In Your Love Life

Toxic Love Relationship

Are you currently in a toxic relationship, one that is draining you of all of your energy, making you wish that you were single once again? This is actually a very common thought that runs through the minds of those who are in situations where they are fighting with their significant other. Their love life is minimal or nonexistent and they have been thinking about leaving. If you would like to save your relationship and potentially your love life in general, there are several things that you can do in order to improve what is happening. Here are some tips on how to change the toxic habits in your love life, improving your relationships significantly.

Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

If it is a toxic relationship, it is easy to diagnose. The bottom line is that neither of you feel happy. Anything that you say, or the actions that you take, usually set the other person off and you might be getting tired of walking on egg shells. If you are happy some of the time, then you might want to consider trying to salvage the relationship you are in because there does appear to be reasons for improving things. Here are some simple things that you can do to assess your situation and begin to eliminate some of the toxic habits that you have in this relationship. You can also work with the other person on the problems that they have as well.

Eliminating Toxic Choices In A Relationship

One of the most common problems that a relationship typically has is one person trying to control the other. You will see a relationship like this where one person seems to be in charge, whereas the other is simply listening and obeying. It doesn’t matter what gender they are, or how long the relationship has been. This type of imbalance always leads to a negative situation. If the timid person is brave enough to simply get out of such a situation, it is going to be the best decision they can make. If there is some semblance of balance and love that can be rekindled, the it’s time to eliminate the toxic decisions that you are both making.

Learn To Listen

One of the easiest ways to fix a relationship that is full of toxicity is to learn how to listen to the other person. You need to learn how to see things from the perspective of this person you are in a relationship with, or it is simply not going to work. Even if the other person is willing to put up with your bad decisions, condescension and controlling ways, it simply better to end the whole thing for the sake of the individual who is not willing to make that change. However, if both of you can listen to each other and discuss your problems together, then you will be able to find some type of resolution. If it is a relationship that is worth saving and you both still love each other, this is the first step to ending the toxicity. It will allow your relationship it to transform into something that is more balanced and pleasant and everything it is capable of being.